Hojin Kim a.k.a. 김호진

  • Leader of Architecture Department, Eigene Korea
  • E-mail: E-mail of Hojin Kim
  • Interests: Big Data, Machine Learning, Web Science, Human-Computer Interaction
  • Programming Language Skills: Java, C#, PHP, (Visual) Basic, Visual Basic .NET, JavaScript, Perl, C, C++, Lua, Objective-C
  • Language Skills: Native Korean, English, Japanese


Working Experience

Military Experience

  • July 2019 ~ Current: Lieutenant, Republic of Korea Navy Reserve
  • Dec 2013 ~ July 2019: Lieutenant Junior Grade, Republic of Korea Navy Reserve
  • Dec 2011 ~ Nov 2013: Lieutenant Junior Grade, Republic of Korea Navy
  • Dec 2010 ~ Nov 2011: Ensign, Republic of Korea Navy


  • Professors at the department of computer science of the ROK Military Academies (2013). Java Programming with Defense Software, Seoul, Korea: YangSeoGak. [ISBN 9788955683691]
  • Hojin Kim, Yunhwan Seo, Jaeryong Hwang (2012). Study on University Timetabling for Naval Academy, Proceedings of Conference on Information and Communication Engineering Fall 2012, 16(2), pp.945-947. [pdf]
  • Jungsuk Seo, Seunghwan Lee, Hojin Kim, Geehyuk Lee (2009). Design of an Experience Monitoring and Sampling System for Context-aware Mobile Applications, Proceedings of HCI Korea 2009, pp.834-840. [pdf]
  • Hojin Kim and Geehyuk Lee (2008). Korean EdgeWrite: A Korean Text Entry Method for a Joystick, Proceedings of Triangle Symposium on Advanced ICT 2008 (TriSAI 2008). Daejeon, Korea (October 6-9, 2008).
  • Hojin Kim (2008). Korean EdgeWrite: A Korean Text Entry Method for a Joystick, Master thesis, KAIST, Daejeon, Korea. [pdf]
  • Seunghwan Lee, Geehyuk Lee and Hojin Kim (2008). UbiGraphy: a Thrid-person Viewpoint Life Log. In Extended Abstracts of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI ’08). Florence, Italy (April 05-10, 2008). New York: ACM Press, pp.3531-3536. [pdf]
  • Seunghwan Lee, Hojin Kim, Sumi Yun and Geehyuk Lee (2007). A Feasibility Study of Sixth Sense Computing Scenarios in a Wearable Community., Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI International 2007). Beijing, China (July 22-27, 2007). Lecture Notes in Computer Science4551, Springer, pp.1155-1164. [pdf]
  • Se-young Pyo, Hojin Kim, Geehyuk Lee (2006). FeelRing: Design and Evaluation of Ring Type Pointing Device for Wearable Computer, Journal of Next-generation Computing, 2(4), pp.5-13. [pdf]
  • Se-young Pyo, Hojin Kim, Geehyuk Lee (2006). FeelRing : Conceptual Implementation Ring Type Pointing Device for Wearable Computer, Proceedings of Conference On Next-generation Computing 2006. [pdf]
  • Hojin Kim, Geehyuk Lee (2006). ASK-HIM: Analog Stick Korean Hangeul Input Method, Proceedings of HCI Korea 2006, pp.1056-1062. [pdf]
  • Hojin Kim (2005). Analog Stick Hangeul Input Method, Bachelor thesis, KAIST, Daejeon, Korea. [pdf]

Teaching Experience

At ROK Naval Academy as a professor

  • Software Engineering [Spring 2012~2013]
  • Web Programming [Spring 2011~2013]
  • Operating Systems [Spring 2013]
  • Object-Oriented Programming [Fall 2011~2012]
  • Database [Fall 2011]
  • Programming Language [Fall 2011]
  • Introduction to Computer Science [Spring 2011~2012, Fall 2012]

At KAIST as a teaching assistant

  • Software System Model [Fall 2009]
  • Data Structures [Fall 2008]
  • Human-Computer Interaction [Summer 2006, 2008]
  • Programming Fundamentals I – Java [Winter 2004, Spring 2005, Summer 2005, Spring 2006]
  • Programming Fundamentals II – C/C++ [Fall 2005]
  • IT Youth Camp, KAIST Gifted Global Institute for Talented Education [Summer 2005~2006]

Research Experience

  • Mar 2019 ~ Current: Principal Investigator, Development of Big Data Commercialization Platform Technology to Support the Entire Life Cycle of IoT Home Appliance Product for Small and Medium-sized Home Appliances
  • Jun 2010 ~ Sep 2010: X Project, Webcash
  • Jul 2009 ~ Dec 2009: Development of Web Based Satellite Photograph Management System, Satrec Initiative
  • Jun 2008 ~ Dec 2008: Development of Platform for Context-Aware Spontaneous Interaction Software using Mobile Phone, Samsung Electronics
  • Mar 2007 ~ Feb 2008: Sixth Sense Computing on Interoperable Ubiquitous Environment, KAIST
  • Aug 2006 ~ Oct 2006: Development of User Interface for Aeronautical Station Management System, Satrec Initiative
  • Feb 2006 ~ Jan 2007: Research about Camera Based Input Device, MtekVision, Ltd.
  • Mar 2006 ~ Feb 2007: Development of Interoperable Wearable Ubiquitous Computer, KAIST
  • May 2005 ~ Dec 2005: Research about Pointing Device for Wearable Ubiquitous Computer, KAIST

Educational Activities

  • Oct 2008: Triangle Symposium on Advanced ICT 2008 (TriSAI 2008) Student Chair


Language Exam Records

Patents and Registered Computer Programs

  • Patent 10-2019-0109065, “Fault Prediction System and Method for IoT Home Appliances with Big Data” (Sep 2019)
  • Patent 10-2009-0065967, “Third Person Lifelog System” (Jun 2009) [pdf]
  • Computer Program C-2019-035242, “Client for Collecting of IoT Behavior History” (Nov 2019)
  • Computer Program C-2012-021872, “Automatic Timetabling System” (Nov 2012)
  • Computer Program S-2008-000192, “Third Person Lifelog Program” (Jan 2008, Copyrighter : KAIST)
  • Computer Program S-2008-000189, “Light Color Controller using Color LED” (Jan 2008)
  • Computer Program S-2008-000188, “Electronic Photo Frame using Selecting Photograph on Monitor” (Jan 2008)
  • Computer Program S-2008-000187 , “VJ Control Software using Creating MIDI Message” (Jan 2008)
  • Computer Program S-2008-000186 , “Third Person Lifelog Viewer” (Jan 2008)
  • Computer Program S-2008-000185 , “Lifelog Software for Web Browser History” (Jan 2008)
  • Computer Program S-2008-000184 , “Multi-Platform Third Person Lifelog Viewer”, (Jan 2008)
  • Computer Program S-2006-008773 , “Sixth Sense Computing” (Dec 2006)